May 31, 2010

**Happy Memorial Day!**

Happy Memorial Day!
I love my country and my flag. I am always humbled and honored to see it and know that we are so blessed to live here. I look at all the blessings around me and know that this truly is a choice and promised land.
I am especially grateful for the American Soldier.
The one who is fighting for our freedoms to remain in tack. I am very thankful that so many men and women are willing to put their very lives on the line to protect the freedome of my family and our nation.
- - - - -
It makes me so very mad when people say they hate our country. Sure we have problems, but there is no better place.
- - - - -
It makes me MORE mad when people who are living here on American soil do not respect it and brag about how much better their country is. WHY ARE THEY HERE THEN? Oh yeah, because the United States of America is where its at! If you are SO blessed to live here, be proud of it, that's all I'm sayin
- - - - -
One of my best friends in the world has a son over seas fighting to protect us as I type this. He is in a very serious situation and it is never known if/when he will return. What a choice individual he is and I pray for him often.
- - - - -
All I can possibly say is THANK YOU.
I know it is not enough, but THANK YOU  is all I have.
Times like Memorial day and 4th of July remind me of my uncle, Ty Richins, who passed away in a tragic car accident about a year and a half ago. I have yet to see someone more patriotic than Ty.
I miss him so much it hurts sometimes. I hope he knows that my love of my country stems largely from his example.
- - - - -
I hope you all have a great memorial day enjoying the freedom of our wonderful country!


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