May 4, 2010

**Nothing Like the Ocean**

Wednesday was our day of rest...supposedly. It wasn't all that restful in the end but as always tons of fun! We took Mom to Young Nails to meet the big wigs of her favorite company and then headed for the beach! We went to Huntington beach and it was gorgeous! I only wish I had brought my awesome camera...the pics would have been so much better haha!
For the first like 3 minutes Cooper was afraid of the water. By the end of the hour he was soaking as were his clothes and sweatshirt! Apparently he got over that
My Mom so loves the ocean. She says its just a part of her and she could really spend an entire week just watching the waves and taking it all in! I don't sit still well so I can't say I would spend a week there doing nothing but it was a great hour ;)
Miss Madysen had very little interest in the water. She was all about the sand. She didn't even touch the water until right before we left, but spent her time hunting for shells and playing in the sand!
Coop loved every second of our ocean trip
Matt and Coop built a sand castle with a bucket someone handed us on their way out! It was super cute huh!

After the beach we did a little shopping for mom and then headed to Goofy's Kitchen for dinner! What an awesome experience this was! I am quite sure Madysen and Coop will remember this for a long time! They were in magical heaven!
Goofy was clearly the star of the show. We met many characters but he won our hearts! About every half hour a bell would ring and Goofy and the kids would run to the kitchen to either bake or dance. Here they are making a huge cake together and singing a fun song!
Then he came to our table and signed autograph books and took pics with everyone
He stood on a chair to ensure he was taller than Matt....Matt's height kinda stole his thunder as being the tallest I suppose haha
It is buffet style and we all ate so many fun yummy things. The kids loved the dirt cups with gummy worms the very best!
They sang to Madysen for her bday the night before and she gobbled up her chocolate puddin
Then the bell rang again and they came down and did the "twist" with Goofy and his friends!
We had a super great day! Disneyland is so much fun it is hard to soak it all in! Exhausting...but magical and fun!

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michelle said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing trip! Welcome back!