May 21, 2010

A Full Week

Here is a glimpse at a few things we have been up to...

First off...finally getting our garden expanded and planted. We have a raspberry bush, strawberry patch and a veggie garden! Yeah for us!
Finally started my spring cleaning.
My blinds were so dusty I wanted to die.
I vacuumed like a crazy woman for 4 hours one day trying to overcome the dust.
Sadly, its ALREADY back
I bought something new for my kitchen...
I love Rod Works btw
Did a little baking...
Check out my recipe blog at
Then I finally got to plant my pots and beds!
Within a day or two I already had hot pink presents waiting just outside my door!
This is one of my perennial plants!
I have absolutely no idea what it is but it comes back and looks gorgeous every spring. Gotta love that!
These little guys are coming back too...
Apparently hot pink is a favorite of mine hehe

Last but NOT least, I watched Biggest Loser!
Have you been watching?
Are you so surprised at what happened this week?
Who do you hope wins?
My vote is for Daris actually...but I would be happy if any of the guys win really
Let me know your thoughts!
I am so very glad it is the weekend!
Now if only we could have all that sunshine back to get the garage clean...
Oh well...I guess we'll find SOMETHING to do with our time ;)
Have a super fun weekend!



Kristin Bishop said...

you accomplish so much! You make the rest of the world look bad:):) You saved my life more than once this weekend! Thanks for tending jax...he loves you and your boys. I like Daris too! I like them all for different reasons..but can't wait to see the finale! Wahoo!

Andrea and Chuck said...

Your plant is called a Dianthus or also known as pinks.