May 5, 2010

Cutting Costs at Disneyland? Oh Yeah!!!

I actually found a few ways to save significant amounts of money on our trip to Disneyland so I thought I would share...also so I don't forget for next time!

#1 Getaway Today: We didn't buy our tickets through them but they were by far the cheapest for the hotel, ART passes (shuttle) and for character dining. We did Goofy's Kitchen (A MUST) and buying through them was $2 cheaper upfront, but included tax and tip which saved a BUNDLE!! They also sent us landyards to keep our tickets etc in which was super helpful! They are great...but you all probably knew about em...
But did you know they have Downtown Disney coupons to print? We used coupons to La Brea Bakery for lunch one day and to Wetzels Pretzels another! At Disneyland every little bit helps...go right here for a few and here for a few more! Super helpful! We used the Sizzler ones as well!

#2 Dining is the most expensive thing at Disneyland in my opinion so we used a few tricks. Go to and use the zip code 92802 to find lots of cheap deals. If you sign up for their emails, they give codes out constantly to get the $25 gift certificates for $2-$3. We bought a GC to House of Blues for $2, bought 2 adult meals, 2 drinks, 2 kids meals and only paid $21 after the GC and tax, tip etc! $23 total for a fam of 4 at disneyland..almost too crazy to believe right! This for a sit down restaurant too!

#3 Another hot spot at Downtown Disney is the ESPN Zone. If you go to their site here and sign up about 2 weeks before you leave they will send you an ESPN MVP club card. When you take the card into the arcade upstairs with your ID they will load 40 free points. This card only works for adults, but we had 5 adults and each got a card for a total of 200 free arcade points. Some games were only 3 points so our kids played for almost 2 hours on free points! It does take 2 weeks to get the cards so it only works if you plan in advance! Also, if you buy more points, you get an additional 25% MORE free points added as a club member! Rock on!

#4 For us ladies, while the men and kids play at the arcade, there is a Sephora in DDisney. Sephora offers each customer 4 free samples per day! No purchase necessary! I am a MAC and Bare Minerals fan and they had both so I stocked up on free samples each day! Total spent: NADA

#5 For those of us who have to drive all the way there...figure out what restaurants are along the way and save all those fast food coupons before you go! Most coupons like Carls Jr, BKing etc are good at all participating restaurants and this saved us TONS!! We also signed up at Ruby Tuesday, Noodles and Wendys to get more coupons. In our ten day vacation we NEVER paid full price for a meal! Now that was amazing!

#6 If it is your bday or another celebration, there is a Mission Tortilla factory in California Adventure and when you go through they give you an entire bag of freshly made tortillas! Yup FREE!! All you need is a button that you can get at either INFORMATION or most rides! Yeah for FREE!

#7 The number one money saving thing we did was stay at a hotel that has free (good) breakfast! We love Homewood Suites and have had nothing but nice things everytime we have went!There are many others, but this is our fav!

That pretty much wraps up how we penny pinched through Disneyland! It was a lot of planning but I kept it all in a binder and just pulled out the coupons each morning that we would need for the day! It worked out great and for the first time ever, we came home with leftover money! Who wouldda thought!?!

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