May 4, 2010

** The Final Day **

We decided to take our last a little more relaxed and saving our feet! We took this train several times throughout the day for those reasons haha
The kids and I ventured through Tarzan's Treehouse
Then we headed back to Space Mountain for a few more joy rides

Madysen and I decided the front row was the bomb

Afterwards Nonna and Madysen just had to give California Screamin one last run! Front row again baby!

There they go!
There they are again...such a fun fun ride!
Here is our whole gang at our favorite ride ever!
Most of the group went on the ferris wheel while Matt and I took Coop on the rapids!
Then it was time for the kids to start spending their we headed to the shops!
Cooper tried on every single hat Disneyland offered...and yet ended up buying a sword, hook and telescope!
We finally ran into the Incredible bunch! Doesn't Cooper look like a super hero!
Followed by him getting to FINALLY meet Stitch. He has never seen Lilo & Stitch and yet he couldn't wait to see him.
Monsters, Inc the ride is so dang funny...Matt just had to have a pic of this sign. The whole ride is this darling but the entryway to the ride is truly hilarious
Our final day was amazing! It felt so relaxing and unscheduled...and the weather was perfect! We never waited more than ten minutes for ANY ride all week, including Friday. Perfect weather, perfect timing, perfect vacation!

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