February 2, 2010

Going on a Campout

This morning I was busy cleaning my house and my boys were playing together so nicely. (I hade to document this asap as seriously when was the last time kids played together quietly AND nicely). I was watching the clock to make sure I was reminding Judd to go potty every now and then. I called up to him and heard nothing, so I nervously ventured upstairs (let's be honest, when kids are quiet its often not what you wanna find when you walk in). To my pleasant surprise they were having a brothers campout. It wasn't dark enough in their room so they set up their sleeping bags inside Coop's closet. When I walked into the room, the closet was shut and they were singing I am a Child of God to each other as they "fell asleep". It just melted my heart. My boys both ask me nearly every night for a bedtime song and that is their favorite. It is moments like these that you remember why you are really doing all the crazy things that it takes to keep a household running and just being a mother to young kids. I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for the tender mercies like these to remind me of the joys of being a parent to His children here on earth.

This was their campfire and extra sleeping bag...ya know for the day activities as Coop informed me. 

Thank you boys for being such a sweet reminder of the important things in my life!!!


Leah said...

Adorable! I love moments like these. cherish them. :) these boys are growing up too fast!

Nelson family said...

Love it! Don't you love those quiet moments? They are truly a moment to cherish.