February 28, 2010

Nothing like a playhouse!

My adventure in finishing my playhouse/playroom has continued. I beleive it is finally done other than a few finishing touches only I will notice ;)
In our playhouse there is a secret cut out so the kids get enter/exit from 2 different spots. This exit as you can somewhat see on the right of the pic is in a corner. So this is the "Corner Market". I know right hehe

This is the washer and dryer with a shelf for ironing supplies.
This is the view from the front as you walk in the house. Everything just right for kids! Love it!
This is their new fridge. It is just the perfect size for the space and nice to have a fridge bigger than the 12 inch one on the side of their old kitchen. We loaded the shelves immediately!
A shelf for produce...
Staples like milk, juice, butter, eggs and cheese...
And of course a freezer full of cake and ice cream!!!
Another view of the cool kitchen. On one side hangs a cupcake apron, the other side has a chef hat and coat!
This is the outside of the house. The curtains open for when they are playing library, post office, anything drive through etc...I made different curtains for the inside and outside of coordinating fabrics so its different! No house is complete without a tulip border. I put shiny decorator rocks in the boxes too and they glimmer in the light. Super cute!
A closer look...

The pictures don't do these will just have to come see!
Here is a full view as you walk in the door. My kids are in heaven and I haven't seen them in 4 days!
It was just time for a new table that wasn't all pink and purple with Ariel on it, so I found this wooden one and painted it to match the kitchen. Turned out pretty cute!
My kids favorite thing is to play restaurant. So I designed, colored and laminated these menus for them. Madysen thought that this was the coolest idea I had. Too bad the coolest idea is the one that took almost no time or effort haha!
So that is our playhouse! Wanna come over and play! Judd is sure to be cooking up something yummy for ya, Madysen will gladly serve his food, and Cooper makes a fantastic bus boy. Tips not required ;)


John Henry said...

So, I'm guessing you got the inside of the curtains sown in. And I noticed that the curtains are shorter now so they don't hang outside the window. I'm amazed at how awesome your creative skills are!

Orange said...

You're so creative- very cute!

Andrea and Chuck said...

looks awesome great job! Glad all the kitchen ideas worked out for you.

Natalie Murray said...

WOW! That is ambition! Looks great!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks to all of you! It was super fun to see it all come together! I am just hoping it will stay cute...after all it is for kids! Hehe

Christee and Austin said...

Austin and I would like to make a reservation at the "Chickenburger Bistro"! Can Judd make "Barb-cube" wings? Love ya! Good job!!

Summer said...

Holy Cow, you're incredible! Can you come decorate my whole house? I love all your cute ideas, and your table/hutch looks awesome too, love the lamp.
PS. your mom probably told ya, but I saw your parents at the Hamblin wedding. They look great! and it was so good to see them
pps. my mom tells me that we should just arrange the marriage now. I'm game. :)