March 31, 2010

Peter Pan

Our little Madysen had a great opportunity over the course of the last two months. She was able to perform the play Peter Pan with her school. She chose to be a fairy, a friend of Tinkerbell!
They were told to have pink and purple costumes...what a perfect choice for a house with 2 VERY girlie girls! She looks adorable and glittery for her big night!
Madysen loves performing and is such a good performer. She always remembers to smile and seems to be one of the only kids who doesn't get lost! I guess her amazing memory helps with that haha
My seats were horrible (yup all 3 times) so I largely have a collection of the people's heads that sat in front of me. So sorry for the poor pics!

Madysen had a great time doing this play! It kept her very busy as they had rehearsal 2 times a week, on top of all the other stuff we have going, we are grateful that is over! We are so glad that so many gave so much time to put this play on! Madysen had a blast!!!

We have moved on from preparing for Peter Pan, to preparing for our Disneyland performance! We are working hard and practicing lots! We all CANNOT wait for the day to get here!


michelle said...

She was darling. I am hoping if they do it again next year maybe they can use the junior high for performances.

Laura said...

She was definitely the cutest fairy, even in a sea of fairies.