March 12, 2010

Felt Food Extraveganza!!!

So I have been obsessed busy making felt food. Oh my goodness it is so addicting! I don't really sit and chill very well so this is a perfect thing for me to feel productive while catching up on all the things my TIVO has been dying to show me!

We started with breakfast....

MMMM yummy pancakes dripping with butter and syrup!
I think these are definately my favorite. They took FOREVER though!
Then you look at the cuteness and all the hours were worth it...right?
I pretty much think anything with sprinkles is adorable so these cookies were next on the list!
Ready for a picnic? PB&J, a cookie and Cheetos! My kids favorite!
We can't really have a bakery without...well baked goods!
These puppies were a pain but again, once you add the sprinkles its all worth it hehe!
Decided to try a salted bagel as well...
My Favorite Donut...beverian creme! Doesn't it just make ya wanna run to Tasty's hehe
So there ya have it...pretty much my entire week right there in ten or so pics!

I am working on the awning for the playhouse but I need a name for the "shop". Here is what I have so far...lemme know which is your favorite! There are too many cute ones:
Frosting on Top Bakery
Bread & Buttercream
Cookie Corner
Sugar High Bakery
Sweet Street
The Cupcakery
Sugar & Spice...where everything's nice

Let me know what your vote is! It is turning out super cute!


ladyshanae said...

Love seeing all your creative fun :) I like Sweet Street or Bread & Buttercream myself :)

Christee and Austin said...

Sugar and Spice is my vote!

alwaysadorable said...

Isn't felt food fabulous! I wish I had made the ones I wanted to make for the kids at Christmas time. Oh well, there's always Easter..hehe. My vote is for sure, Sweet Street. Lookin' good, Amanda!

Leah said...

Looks like you don't need me there after all ;) Very cute... very fun.

Walls said...

SWEET STREET!!! your a good mom, i don't believe my children will be getting these lol

Amanda said...

Funny...I was leaning towards Sweets Street myself! I guess since it was nearly unanimous we will go with that! Thanks for all your comments! Love ya all!

Amme said...

These came out so cute! I really like the cinnamon rolls too! I just can't get over how cute they are.

Christee and Austin said...

Where is the picture of those amazing chocolate truffles?!