March 23, 2010

An Easter Egg Hunt

Monday was our annual neighborhood easter egg hunt. My kids look forward to this every year and we are so grateful to our wonderful neighbor who heads it up every year!
Each child gets 10 eggs and they have such a great time on the "hunt"!
Madysen found a few non-egg treats!
The boys stuck together the whole time helping each other!
Coop found a giant purple egg! He was so proud
Daddy got to come this year! Here he is helping make sure Judd gets a few non-chocolate treats!
This is Coop and his best buddy Taylor! Taylor is moving later this week and Coopie is super sad! We will miss him immensely! Love you Taylor!
This is Madysen and her Bestie Amaia! They are both darling girls and have such a fun time together!
Here are all my punkins! They had a super fun time!

Since Madysen had the day off and so did Matt, we went to the movies after the Easter Hunt. We went and saw Alvin & the Chipmunks! The kids had a very fun day off!

I love my sweet little family! We always have lots of fun together!

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Marietta said...

The second picture od Amaia and Madysen cracks me up! Love it.