March 5, 2010

****Glitter Toes****

A few months ago my Mom finally got her salon open after going to Nail School. She opened up her salon inside her house and has been steadily building her new clientel. Last night, one of her clients hosted a glitter toe party and I went as the ever faithful assistant! The party was in Morgan and their prom is next week, so it was super fun for the girls to have their toes set to match their dresses! Here are a few pics of how they all turned out!

I would say on average we spent about 25 minutes per not to bad at all and they are all so darling! My mom has tons and tons of glitter choices so it was fun!

So I was thinking...would any of you be interested in having a glitter toe party at my house. We would invite mom, daughters, friends...any girlies who would like the cutest toes on earth for spring! My mom charges $20 a set for adults, $15 for kids (which if you have ever done these, ya know is AWESOME!) I think if I get enough interest I will pick a Saturday and have a glitter toe open house! We can have treats, chat it up and get our toes on! Or if you would like to host a party of your own, you get your toes for free (with an 8 guests minimum). Let me know what ya think girls...cuz if enough of you want em, I am happy to provide the house and snacks!

Or if you want to get your fingernails done...give her a call! She has amazing grand opening prices and she does a fabulous job! Acrylic is 22 a set, gel is 25! Lemme know what ya think!

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Summer said...

Probably when it gets warmer and I can actually show off my toes, I'd be interested :)