April 2, 2010

These Little Moments

Last night we had a big storm. I mean rain, hail, snow, lightning, thunder...the works. About 2-3 minutes after the hail was crashing on the house, we heard Judd crying. Matt went up to calm him and when he asked Judd what was wrong, this was his reply.

"Daddy, my room is taking pictures!!"

I guess he had never experienced lightning before and that was the best he could describe it. Isn't that so super sweet and cute. Ya gotta love those tender moments...
Judd is such a blessing to our family. He is my snuggle bug and is such a Mommy's boy.(Not that I mind). He is a tough kid, especially compared to his VERY sensitive older bro. He has had a lot of rough spots in his short life with us figuring out all his allergies, but through it all has remained my sweet adorable boy. Don't get me wrong, he can be the total opposite as well. We call him a hornet in fact. But when he gets mad its so hilarious to watch even he ends up laughing!
 Love you Juddie Bugs!

Another funny mom moment was on Saturday. Madysen has early morning rehearsal in prep for her Disneyland performance every Sat from 8-10. Her bday is coming up and we are planning her party as it is a big one this year! On our drive home she asked this...

"Mom is my party going to be a surprise party where you send me upstairs, everyone comes and then you call me down and everyone yells surprise?!"

I just had to laugh. She has been in on the planning of the party from day one. The whole thing is basically her idea. I guess maybe she would like a surprise party next year huh? Funny how she thought she might be surprised about a party she knows all about. Hopefully I can surprise her with its contents!

**K one last note...I RAN a full mile today without stopping to walk at all. Good news, my legs are jello and my lungs hurt. That means I did it right, right?!? haha**

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michelle said...

That was a crazy storm! It scared Me! Soooo cute!