April 14, 2010

The Bride and her Party!

My little sister Kiki is getting married in a few more weeks (bet that sounds good right Kiki) and her MIL threw her a very fun bridal shower last weekend! She started off by doing a version of Cash Cab and called it Cash Bride. Kiki was asked questions, then if her answer matched Austin's previously recorded answer and won $2 bills! She started off a little rocky but by the end was rolling in $2 bills!
Here she got the answer right..
...and here she is defending that she SHOULD have got the answer right....haha nice try Kiki!
In the end she had a beautiful veil of mula!
A fun shot of Mom, Gma, Kiki and Ashwee
Me and my litle almost married Sista!
Then came the real fun...
Grandma gave her a huge bag FULL of fun kitchen stuff
Mom gave her a package of tissues that were so funny to Kiki she couldn't speak for 2 minutes straight!
And a set of the most amazing dishes (look familiar)
They say things like "girls love chocolate" "Girls love to be pampered" "Girls love a good sale" etc and are so darling!
Then a Kitchen Aid blender...apparently they are very into smoothies! Fun gift!
I had to get her Pampered Chef...inside joke as pampered chef isn't usually this funny hehe
A great set of Calphalon pans...Im thinking its been ten years since I was married and I could really use a "Way to stay married ten years" shower. I like new pans...
This is from her MIL and SIL...wrapped so darling too
It is the Kitchen Aid her and Austie both really wanted. Kiki REALLY wanted pink, but silver isn't too bad hehe!
We are all very, very happy for you both! Can't wait for the wedding to get here so you can officially be married! Love you both tons!

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