April 14, 2010

Easter Morning Our Style

We had a wonderful, relaxing Easter day as it was on conference weekend. The kids woke up and instantly ran around finding baskets! Judd was overjoyed with a basket of candy and presents!
But of course...mostly the candy
Cooper got a pizza party to add to their collection of food. They played with this for 2 hours straight while we watched conference
He also got some sweet glasses
Madysen thought the Easter bunny forgot her basket. It took her an hour to look in the vaccum closet and find it! Tricky bunny
We just let the kids at their treats all day. Judd's were completely gone before lunch, Cooper's by the end of the day and Madysen still has half a week later. That is pretty much how it always goes at our place hehe
Then on to the egg hunt...Easter bunny hid them inside this year. Guess it was too cold for him outside. These are some more of the cool foiled ones. Fun right?
Hidden in a plant...
In a drawer...
Judd was finding em fast...we had to slow him down for the safety of the eggs hehe
Coop found lots of eggs and enjoyed putting them in the carton
Thanks for the lift Daddy-O!
Judd is wiping Peeps off his chin...but isn't this a sweet pic of him
We stayed home in our jammies all day. We played with new toys, watched new movies and conference, took a nap and then had dinner!
It was different to have a real relaxing holiday weekend!
I think this might be my favorite holiday ever...who gets to stay in their jammies on a holiday?
I'll tell ya...we did! And I would highly suggest it to anyone haha!
Happy Easter to You All!

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