April 9, 2010

Parenting Really SHOULD Come With A Manual

So sorry I haven't posted in so life has been crazy. I will catch up on our lives asap but I have to share my story from yesterday.
You know how sometimes things in your life happen and all you can do is think, "Is this really happening?"
Yeah it was pretty much one of those moments.....

With Judd

I had a glitter toe party at my house and was very busy baking and cleaning and generally getting ready for a party. My kids were going stir crazy and begged to go outside...which I gladly answered YES!! After about 15 mins, I was on the phone with a neighbor and Madysen came in needing to talk to me. We have recently had many discussions that when Mommy is on the phone, kids have to wait thier turn. Madysen patiently waited as I jabbered on another 3-4 mins. When I hung up I asked her what she needed. This was her response...

"Mom, Judd was playing in the backyard and he pulled down his pants and pooped on the lawn."

Now I am the first to admit I am not a prize winning parent. But show me in a book how to deal with a situation like that. My kids have all done things at one point or another that have been memorable. But not outside in my yard leaving a prize for any and all to see.

Just wait...the story continues...

So I took a deep breath and called Judd inside the house. We went into the bathroom to assess the damage and deal with any residue of what we wil now refer to as "the incident".  After taking care of business, I sat Judd down and in my stern Mommy voice told him that what he did was very naughty and that we have toilets for moments like those. This is clearly not what the lawn is for. He pouted and quivered his lower lip and said,
"But Mom you told me I can't poop in my underwears!"

You see the last time we let Judd play outside we had a similar incident...that time pants stayed on! I was very upset seeing as he was, ya know, 20 yards away from the bathroom and I threatened him that he better not ever do that in his pants again cuz it was disgusting and yucky. He clearly took that lecture to heart and came up with what he thought was a champion solution.

This is where my opinion and that of my 3 year old differ.

So we lived and survived the embarassment. I really have to say that parenting should come with a book though. I mean since we learned a while ago the stork doesn't really bring the babies...shouldn't he be at the very least delivering knowledge for moments like when your daughter tells you your youngest is pooping outside on the lawn. I think so...I really do.


alwaysadorable said...

Oh my goodness! My mom always used to tell me that you don't really know the meaning of embarrassed until you are a mother. But you got to give the kid cud-dos for thinking outside the box. ;)

michelle said...

Oh, my, goodness! Poor kid, that story is going to live a long, long time!I was so sad I didn't get to make it to the party. I hope you do it again soon!

Nelson family said...

I know how that goes. As I went to get the mail yesterday I caught Alex peeing on the flowers. That is not the first time, and yes, the bathroom is still 20 yards away. So when you find a solution, let me know. I haven't found one yet. I keep taking him to the bathroom and showing him where we go and explain it all. I like Judd's response though. It made me laugh.

Amanda said...

I guess I understand peeing but not poop outside. New family rule. I thought it would be an obvious one...but then I have little experience with boys. Live and learn right?

Christee and Austin said...

HA! That is classic! I just love Judd Bugs! I don't need a stork to bring a book because when I have kids I'll just refer to your blog!