April 14, 2010

Easter Eggs To Rock Your World

It is one of my very favorite traditions! I took atleast 100 pics of us decorating eggs but chose to only share a few hehe!

This is my Juddie getting into the spirit! He loved everything but using a white crayon. (Kinda hard to explain to a 3 year old that eventually you will see your art work)
Madysen is getting serious about her eggs
Uncle Nitsua is getting into it now too...
We even convinced Coop to stop playing the Wii long enough to decorate eggs
I love that Matt will get in and help, even though basketball was on and he had to pause his game hehe
This is Nan pretending that she was decorating an egg so I could get a pic haha. Good try Nanny bug
I am not even sure what Kiki is working on but she got all into the egg decoratin world! She was all over it this year! Go Kiki Go Kiki
Ashlee was all over the foil eggs. These are one of my favorite kinds to make. Unfortunately she thought she could do a 2 egg at a time maneuver...
...and it didn't go so well for this egg. Only casualty of the night though...with as many people as we had not too shabby

Mom did end up decorating eggs but she came over to check it all out

I told Austie that we had a big family competition on who could make the best egg. He took me very seriously and was constantly making sure no one was copying him. In the end, his egg was pretty cool. Bummer the only prize is a moment of fame on my lil blog here! Better luck next year Austie
Here are a few of the kids beauties! (Again, so loving my new camera!)
Ash worked very hard on her purple egg...
And I think it is rockin cute! Love the foil eggs!
Dad got into the eggs towards the end...who can resist really
Here are a few more! Love the super bright fun colors!
We, as always, had a fabulous time! I think my favorite eggs will always be the tie dye glitter eggs! Sadly I didn't get a close up of any of them :(
Thanks everyone for helping with our awesome eggs! Now if only someone would come eat em all...

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Marietta said...

Amanda- you've been using that new camera haven't you? I can tell.. your pictures look great! Now can't you see, it isn't me- it's just the camera. :)