April 14, 2010

Our Big Family Easter Celebrations

Our family decided to get together on Saturday and celebrate Easter together. We had a fun lunch and then hung out for a few hours. It was nice to get to be with everyone and spend time with cousins!
Grandma ad Grandpa sent me this bouquet of fruit flowers to thank me for hosting. My grandma is so thoughtful and kind!
Me and Matt just enjoying our company and hangin out!
Kiki and I had fun playing with my new camera. So...can you tell its a better one hehe

My sweet Grandma. Isn't she darling! She gave us a scare about this time last year with colon cancer! Look how darling she is...specially just being done with chemo for a few months! Love you more than you know Gma!
This is the epitomy of a family gathering. Not one of them is interacting and ALL are texting/playing on a phone. Bunch of nerds
After much tribulation...Matt got em to turn around atleast :)
Justin and Ash
Nan and Brady
Just sitting around telling funny stories!
My Dad...
My darling mother! Isn't she cute?!
We had a fun fun time together! Its so sad that we don't have more time to just enjoy people in our family. Thank goodness for holidays so you can make a plan to relax hehe

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