August 10, 2011

Thirty Happened

It happened.
I have officially left my 20's behind.
{deep breath}
I am 30!

This is me pretending that its just no big deal hehe
Matt threw me a surprise party with family and friends. Well...most of my loser friends didn't show pssht but that's ok. It's not like 30 is a huge milestone or anything ;) Now I know who my friends are. JK ;)
Thanks to everyone for all the fun gifts. You all know me too well!
- - - - -
My gift from Matt was my iPad2!
I am ricidulously addicted to this thing. Honestly I feel like a teenage boy addicted to a video game. It just does it ALL and I am so in love with it! Thanks babe!
- - - -
Way to make me feel like a teen when I hit 30 :)
- - - - -
Course when my grandpa is around I don't get a turn. I think before our cruise he will have to get his OWN ipad2 haha
My sisters got me this adorable scentsy cupcake! Isn't it adorable!?!
I think this face for my my neices benefit. Really blowing out 30 candles didn't get me THAT excited hehe
There ya go. It happened.
 T   H   I   R   T   Y  


Leah said...

I didn't realize it was 30 until we got there. Had I figured this out before I would have given you a way better gift. and by way better I mean some depends or something for old ladies ;) actually I think 30's is great. just as great as my 20's (so far) and really... it IS just a number. :)

Missy said...

Wow look at those candles smoke! j/k Welcome to thirty, flirty and fabulous. ;) Such a sweet party.

Kristin said...

tell Matt..."Thanks for the kristin."

Just cuz we don't chase 12 3 years olds around twice a week doesn't mean I'm not your friend. Remind him of that will ya!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

You make 30 look good:)


Tammy said...

I had a good excuse! It looks like you had a great birthday, and I thought about you all day!!! Yes, you do make 30 look good!!

Michelle said...

Hey! I didn't get invited! But I will bring you a treat! My mom says your birthday isn't over until you get your last present!

Amanda said...

Haha I was ust kidding about friends not coming people. Matt only invited those whose cell phone numbers he has cuz that's how he rolls.

I like michelles comment so I'm leaving gift giving options open just in case ;) jk

Marietta said...

Glad you cleared things up about who your friends are. Maybe Matt should have borrowed YOUR phone! ;) Just in case though, maybe you should add all our numbers in his phone. HaHa! Happy Birthday!

Crystal Nelson said...

30? you old woman you! welcome to the 30s. There is nothing like it! I declare the body just isn't the same in the 30s vs the 20s. But it is still a blast! I am so glad you had a fabulous birthday! You deserve it woman! We love you and miss you!