July 22, 2011

{ Motherhood }

Yesterday we had a wonderful Relief Society activity.
- - - - -
It was a mother daughter activity. Madysen and I were able to sing a deut together for the first time ever! It was neat and she loved it, being the little performer she is! We sang Mother, Tell Me The Story from the Primary songbook. I was very proud of her because she had to hold her own as I sang totally different notes and words at the same time!
She did wonderful! What a star!
- - - - -
Yesterday was not my best mothering day. I was short with my kids. I was allowing them to make me crazy. My boys have entered into this new wonderful stage of both being right about everything, and therefore arguing their "rightness" ALL OF THE DAY!!!
It is making wanna rip my hair out somedays and yesterday I didn't handle it well.
- - - - -
Then I headed off to RS. We had several different speakers who spoke on everything from not missing any of these seemingly annoying stages to infertility. I cried during almost all of them (which always makes it SOOO much easier to sing, ugh).
 It was wonderfully refreshing and gave me an awakening on needing to continue to acquire more patience with motherhood. I don't think I stood in the patience line very long when it was being handed out. Thankfully Matt did, but I really need to learn it better!
- - - - -
We got home and I made a conscience effort to be more relaxed as we got ready for bedtime. I couldn't believe the difference. I have always known that my attitude effects everyone, but watching it unfold was amazing. I am vowing to do better.
- - - - -
At 8:15 this morning, I was laying in bed listening to the magical silence of no one else but me being awake.
A few minutes later, in walks my Judd-Bugs. He came in bed and snuggled with me. He wanted me to spoon him and just really melt into each other.
It was very sweet. He was stroking my hair and telling me how much he loved me.
 Then, out of nowhere, he sneezed the hugest sneeze EVER right into my ear canal.
 Magic over.
- - - - -
It never ceases to amaze me how motherhood provides the
full spectrum
of human emotion.
- - - - -
Oh well. I guess everyday we learn a little more right. :)

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Michelle said...

You guys did a great job! I wish we could have a night like that at least every month to help me keep it in perspective!