August 29, 2011

{ Swirls }

So although school started this week and life was crazy back in drive everyone EVERYWHERE again....

I started a lil home project.

Just like me isn't it. UGhhhh.

Thankfully it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. I have been wanting to update my 1/2 bath off the kitchen for quite a while.
 I just lacked the inspiration of WHAT exactly I wanted to do.

 Leave it to the parade of homes to gimmie a grand idea.

Now I have NEVER stenciled anything in my life before so this was a first. That being said, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Here...take a look!
(Like an idiot I didn't take before pics...why oh why do I do that?!)

The walls were the same tan they are all over my main floor and it had pink and brown towels and a sign I made at RS one night many years ago that said WASH. That was all that was going on in here.

I added a lil something!
My main level is all decorated in red, black and white so I decided to carry the theme into the bathroom as well. Makes sense since this bath is RIGHT off the kitchen!

I painted the walls a yummy gray. I NEVER throught I would paint anything gray, but then I already painted Madysen's room white so I suppose this is the year of NEVER say NEVER.

Who knew?!

After the gray dried for a day I hopped in with my stencil.


 Days and days to be exact. I would say a good 12 hours of stenciling for just a half bath, so if you decide to aware!
 Worth every minute in the end but still.....

We have a new store that just opened a few days ago in Farmington called Home Goods.
This store just may bump down Hobby Lobby for me. It is really that great! I wandered around wishing I had more things to decorate and money to spend.

 Honestly, I think I would make an excellent professional shopper. If only that were a real profession....

I added a few funky painting this wreath holder red and using it as a TP holder instead.
 Honestly I did think of using it for a wreath...but where's the creativity in that?
 IDK for sure if this will stay like this...but I am trying it out for a few days!

I am finding as of late that I love baskets. I love a small little basket filled with something colorful and cute and fitting for the space. I think they add a lil something without being over bearing.

I decided to add this one in here along with some reading material. Unfortunately, I have never known women who use reading material in this type of room, and I only have Parents and Family Circle for the men to read while using this room. I guess you can't have it ALL can ya?

I found a few fun little accessories to add a little color to the wall behind the toilet. Sorry there's not a great pic of the entire thing...but half baths are pretty small and the camera did the best it could haha
How could I almost have forgotten!

We redid the baseboard to be 9" tall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it like this! Sadly for Matthew we will be redoing the entire main floor like this. Good thing he loves me :)

Seriously, it adds so much drama and is just so WOW!!! I can't wait for the whole house to be done!!!
(not that you need lots of drama in a bathroom...just sayin)
So Wah Lah!!

Tell me what ya think...

As for me...I have stopped closing the door to this room. It just too fun not to gaze in there throughout the day. I just may have to pick up reading in there ;)



Tammy said...

Love it! you are so freakin' jealous of your brain!!

Andrea and Chuck said...

Oh Girl if you like Home Goods you should try the one at brickyard they have more stuff. Neither one is as good as the one in San Francisco but I guess that is a bit of a drive. Good job on the bathroom