August 25, 2010

Coops New Room!!!

So I have been on a redoing my house kind of kick lately.
Cooper's room has been on my list for A LONG TIME and I finally got to it
- - - - -
His room had been done in race car and had big chunky letters that spelled
- - - - -
HELLO he is almost 6
Poor overdue
- - - - -
First things first...we painted!
Then I REALLY wanted a blue we taped.
And taped.
And taped some more.
We both remembered how much I SUCK at measuring and then just let Matt do it
Don't be jealous how AMAZING I look when I am painting
- - - - -
A look like mine doens't just HAPPEN
Doesn't it look awesome!
Nothin better than peeling off the tape to reveal...
Then we HAD to buy a new bed.
He had a loft bed that took over his room and was totally wrong
Matt just LOVES to put stuff together ;)
- - - - -
Cooper wanted a sports theme!
I may have gone a little NUTS
- - - - -
Let's start with the basketball hoop!
This is his MOST favorite thing ever
Sadly, Juddie now wants one too haha!
I got super lucky and found this COOL football toy box.
I was really worried about trying to keep a few things for him to play with in his room without looking messy and this solved all the problems!
These cool book holders are the ONLY thing that returned from his previous decor
They are just too awesome to let go of!
I fell in love with this darling light switch cover
I made this HUGE magnet board and embellished it with sports peices to display him playing sports!
Then we added a few shelves. I was super giddy to find these tiny little balls and jars!
Coop picked out his is so him
Screaming bright colors and every sport imaginable!
Here is a fun shot of this wall!
I originally bought the curtains that went with the quilt...but they were drab and boring
I made my own. Nothing spectacular but they look WAY better
These little guys are my all time favorite
They are called SPORTS SPUDS
They are ridiculously expensive but so cute we HAD to splurge!
We got basketball...
And a baseball one apparently I forgot to photograph.
Whoops sorry
Then I found this awesome WRIGLEY FIELD canvas and fell in love!
Years ago I saw these chairs at RC Willey and knew someday I HAD to have one for a boy
I am pretty sure soccer will be Coops game so we went with the soccer ball!
Isn't it beyond fabulous!
We sure love it!
Of course...Mom had to put her own finishing this pillow
C' knew I would have to hand make SOMETHING right?
So there ya have it...
You should stop by....
He'll show you his slam dunk!


Andrea and Chuck said...

love the stripe! Looks like the same blue I used for Marshal. I think boy rooms are the funniest to decorate.
Did not know you guys were cub fans!

Christee and Austin said...

Super Cute! I think Judd is as equally excited about Cooper's new room as Coop! ha ha

Casey and Britt said...

I love it Amanda! It is soooo cute! Great job, you are so talented!

Tammy said...

Way cute!! I wanna come see in person!!

Nelson family said...

I love it! You guys did such a great job!

Amme said...

Very cool. You did such a great job. Hey, I just moved to Kaysville. We will have to get together.

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! It was super fun! It is FINALLY the way I always hoped it would look. Score!!

The Rees' said...

suuuuuuuuuper cute mama!!!!!! oh my goodness.