October 14, 2010

What We've Been Up To Round Here

Ok Ok
I am such a slacker on this blog lately
I have TONS of pics to follow so beware
- - - - -
The mouse and my Halloween decor are NOT the only things we have going on here
So here is a little bit of what has been keepin us BUSY
- - - - -
A highlight for the kids was the school FUN RUN
Here is Super Cooper
- - - - -
He loves to run!
Miss Madysen did really good
- - - - -
She ran her little heart out
Here is a cute pic of the two runners of mine
- - - - -
It was so fun to see them stick together while they ran.
I love that my kids are so close
Juddie didn't wanna run much... but he NEEDED his picture taken
Each lap they received a stamp
- - - - -
Both my kids ended with 5 stamps
That is probably longer than I would have been able to go at the moment
Miss Madysen...
Our next fun adventure was the FIRE SAFETY FAIR
- - - - -
We brought along our adopted child (ok neighbor) Crew
He and Coop are pretty inseperable
Just had to snap a few fun pics of my darling kiddies

Then we moved on to putting out fires
- - - - -
Each kid had a chance to "put" out the fire with a real fire hose
Madysen took it pretty seriously
Bummer...Juddie has his eyes closed
- - - - -
He loved this part the most
Then we got to see the life flight helicopter.
- - - - -
Each one got a moment to sit in the helicopter and ask questions of the EMT's
And then it was time to play motorcycle cops!

Then we called it a day! Three tired but happy boys
We also had a great choir concert with our Madysen
- - - - -
They did lots of GLEE songs and fun 80's songs
She is quite the little performer
- - - - -
She doesn't even get nervous or butterflies before her big show

What a girl!!
Ok I feel better
- - - - -
The rest of our busy, crazy lives I didn't photograph
- - - - -
We are excited to have the fall coming and looking forward to our last soccer games this weekend. We are having lots of fun preparing for Halloween! I will try and be a little more current....but no promises :)


Missy said...

Such fun stuff! Your kids are gorgeous, woman. :)

Nelson family said...

cute stuff! Way to go Cooper and Madysen!