October 19, 2010

UEA Weekend

My kids all had a great 4 day weekend!
- - - - -
I forget how TOTALLY easy my children are to please! All they talked about was what a fun fun weekend we had and it was SO not much
- - - - -
Thursday I took them to a park and sat and watched movies with them.
- - - - -
 Friday I took them to a WAY MORE FUN park, invited friends, had a picnic then we headed to the pumpkin patch at our local nursery.
- - - - -
Here they are in line waiting for the tractor. They were all 3 so excited!
We had to search and search for the perfect one!
- - - - -
Hard stuff when there was SO many to choose from!
I love to snap a shot when my lil men are matching
We whittled it down to about 7 but could only take 2 home
- - - - -
Decisions decisions!
After much dileberation we had to let this one come home with us!
- - - - -
Matt's favorite part is getting to carry them all!
Aren't my kids adorable
- - - -
JK Mom's get no vote :)
But I love to get a glimpse of how much Madysen and Juddie look alike
After the patch we had dinner and went and got dessert as a family!
- - - - -
Then we moved on to Saturday!
- - - - -
SOCCER started first thing Saturday morning, about 8:30!
Both kids played at the same time so I was only able to get Coops pics this time!
Their season is done until spring so here are a few shots of Coopie's last game
Cooper has come SUCH a LONG way since last year.
- - - - -
He is MUCH better at moving the ball and learning to pass to his teammates
- - - - -
He scored FOUR goals just this game!
Here is their final cheer of the season!
- - - - -
Way to go Lions!
You guys have been on FIRE!!!
We spent the rest of the weekend playing as a family, eating out and having a great time with friends and neighbors! It was super nice to have a break from homework and carpools for just a few days!


michelle said...

I felt so bad we didn't make it to the park. My kids love that one! But William and I ran away from home. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Missy said...

I love these kind of weekends. Glad that you and the kids had fun!

Laura said...

What a fun weekend. I love that last picture of your kids at the pumpkin parch. So CUTE!