February 18, 2011

Lil Friday Morning Pick Me Up

So this is my chair.

It sits in a corner in my bedroom.

I have always thought it was cute.. and yet it has always bothered me that it seemed to need a lil something more.

- - - - - -

After a free five dollar coupon to Joann's Fabrics floating around the www yesterday, I decided that today was the day!
I found this darling fabric in my room colors...

Never before have I EVER like paisley...but this one somehow passed the test :)
And seriously...
WHO doesn't LOVE zebra?!?!
So I took kids to school and whipped up this puppy!
- - - - -
I had a throw pillow a billion years ago with a tie and I loved it.
So pattern free...this was my recreation attempt.
- - - - -
Not exactly like my last one...but I like it! just didn't feel quite complete.
- - - - -
So I headed back to Hobby Lobby and paid 1.30 for this chocolate brown felt.
- - - - -
An hour later...we had this!
Together at last
Two peas in a pod
- - - - -
I think they look quite happy together :)
I am such a sucker for ruffles...but rufflie throw pillows are like $30+ for the mediocre ones
- - - - -
I gotta say, this was a $1.30 well spent.
Happy Friday!
Hope you are all planning a super fun President's Day weekend!!! :)
- - - - -
Hopefully next week my friend Michelle and I can get together and do some seriously amazing pillows for my basement. She is the pillow queen!


michelle said...

Soooo cute! They tie the pillow together so nicely. I am up for pillows! Not sure what we are doing Monday but Tuesdays and Thursdays are good sewing days. Or Wed after preschool!

Missy said...

Perfect! I have to admit the ruffle pillow has stolen my heart! How cute is that thing?!? Can't wait to see the basement pillow makeover. So much fun!

Kristin Bishop said...

ok soooo cute. I love I showed you the other day:) (my closet full that jarom CANNOT KNOW ABOUT:) I wish I had the patience to sew them! Michelle teach me too. Oh...and if you want darling ones...Shopko has ruffle and flower pillows galore right now for only 20 bucks each! sweet:)

Kristin Bishop said...

p.s. I can see you've fallen in love with the backgroud site I've shown you! haha. they are fun.