February 15, 2011

Family Valentine's Dinner :)

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day at our house this year!
- - - - -
We always do a fun dinner with the fam for Vday because I really hate going out to dinner when ten million other people are!
- - - - -
I set the table up for a fun evening...
I made homemade vegan chocolate cupcakes so Judd could have some too!
- - - - -
Don't be afraid of the name...they were actually AMAZING and delish!
Several years ago a friend of mine had supplies at a girl's night to make these darling Valentine's baskets!
- - - - -
We have used them ever since!
I filled them with everyone's favorite goodies!
Of course the house was all decorated and ready for a party...
I am who I am! :)

We had red bubbly...
And pink pizza shaped like a heart!
I made chicken bacon alfredo pizza and it was a HUGE hit!
The kids enjoyed riffling through their baskets...

We had a fun time!
My kids are so spoiled....thanks to my MOM!
- - - - -
She stopped by with a HUGE bag FULL of goodies for each of them!
- - - - -
We had a few neighbors over for cupcakes and called it an evening!

.....Well, atleast as far as this blog needs to know ;)......
Hope you had a fun day too!


michelle said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You know how to party! I got your text. I am up to do pillows whenever! When do you have preschool? Give me a call!

Tammy said...

All I can say, Amanda "Stewart", is YUMMMM!! You are so dang creative...In my next life, I so want to be like you!!!

Kristin said...

cute pizza! I need to perfect the dough...I just can't get it right:) I tried Alice Springs Chicken last night for dinner...YUMMY. Other than I had to forget what I put in the honey mustard sauce so I could eat as much as I wanted and not feel guilty! Holy crapola!