January 25, 2010

Who's the Man?!?

Oh Thursday morning I decided it was time to potty train Juddie. We had a lot of accidents the first few hours, but I knew if he could just do it once he would be rockin! After he napped we finally had our first success. It was off and on through the day but encouraging. Friday morning he woke up and decided he was into the potty thing and has been doing fabulous ever since. We have had about one accident a day which I think is pretty dang fabulous considering its been 4 days since the whole concept was introduced. Hard to believe that we will be living 100% diaper free after 7 consecutive years, but I can feel its close hehe!

Everytime he has a success he gets a sticker for his chart. When the chart is filled up, Mom and Dad will take him to dinner. I have never seen a kid more motivated by dinner haha!
Good job Juddie! We are all so proud of you!

You always keep us laughing Judd. We love you a ton you silly goofball!


Walls said...

oh my heck! how weird is it YOU will be done with diapers? i don't think its time..i feel another one comin! haha J/K i LOVE that thumbs up picture its so him!!!

Summer said...

Isn't that just your favorite part about being a mom? We just potty trained Adam, and thankfully it was a breeze compared to Kami.
Fun to see your cute blog!