January 23, 2010

Once there was a snowman

On Monday my kids were desperate to play outside in the snow. It hadn't snowed in a while so the snow had been yucky, but since there was a new layer, small as it was, I agreed they could go for it.

I love how he only has a sliver of vision available. James seriously lasted maybe 2 minutes haha

Judd on the other hand couldn't wait to get out there. He hated snow at the beginning of the season, but once we got him some waterproof mittens he's been game for playing in the snow any time!

Cooper looks like an eskimo with ginormous hands...haha

Then we brought out the sleds. Poor Madysen was the only one strong enough to give rides so that was soleley her job. She was an awesome sport though!

It clearly takes 20 minutes to get the kids all bundled up, but other than James, everyone stayed out for hours which was a first. Wanna know the secret...

Send out DADDY!!!!

Matt is such an excellent Dad! He seriously played outside with them for hours building snowmen, and then making them a hill for sledding! I think Matt was more proud of his snowman than any of the kids. It took them quite a while to find all his articles of clothing. Let's see...he had the typical carrot nose, green licorice eyes, red licorice mouth, marshmellow roasters with gloves for arms and a beanie and scarf. Now that is creativity hehe!

All the kids had such a good time. It was a beautiful day outside (as long as you didn't notice the terrible pollution) and just warm enough to make it fun. Thanks Daddy for playing so long with us and making memories! We love ya!

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