January 19, 2010

A Vacation At Home

Matt and Madysen both had a four day weekend for the holiday so we decided to have a vacation at home. We started off Saturday morning by taking the kids to Clearfield Aquatic Center for swimming. We had an absolute blast! The kids were able to swim and do the indoor waterslide!

Cooper seems to always be afraid that he will get any water at all in his face!

Looks like same goes for Spence hehe

My neice Brynlee is hilarious! The moment her feet hit the water, her giraffe tongue comes out. It was so funny to watch we cried laughing. Her tongue would get so long it would pass her chin. Then when you pulled her back up out of the water it would reel itself back in. Too too funny!

Cooper and Daddy shooting down the water slide! My kids are so lucky to have such a fun Dad!

My kids were really meant to be born fish! The minute we said we were taking them swimming they squealed with delight, and when it was time to go squealed with unhappiness!

I know you are all sad there are no pics of me in a swim suit. Consider yourselves blessed that I am the photographer! Hehe

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Leah said...

yes I did notice there are no pictures of you in a swimsuit and yet there are 2 of me. thank you for that. it was a great home vacation. thanks for a good weekend!!