January 20, 2010

A League of our own

In the spirit of a vacation at home, we took our kids bowling Saturday night at the brand new Sparetime. I think Madysen and Cooper have been once before but it was a long time ago. Sparetime was nice and clean and had all kinds of features that our kids appreciated. They were tired after a day of swimming but truly they did really well until the 9th frame.

 Cooper had his very own style! But in the end, he did really well!

My nephew James is one of the most adorable kids you will ever see! I am not sure he understood the game entirely but he had a blast!

My nephew Spencer loved this metal rail that guides the ball. To be fair, none of the kids but Madysen could get the ball as far as the pins without it haha!

All the kids were a great support to each other...mostly because they wanted it to be their turn haha!

Yeah I know you are jealous of my bowling milkshake!

Uncle Brian and his left handed spinner!

Please don't be jealous of my hair. Not everyone can look this good ALL the time. Just let it go!

Aunt Leah had a great bowling night. If we were playing a game with 2 winners, I would won as well as her ;)

Juddie was very proud that Aunt Leah conquered those pins

Madysen got a spare and simply couldn't stop cheering for herself!

Even a 6 pound ball is quite heavy when you are only 3...but Judd is a very independant child and does everything himself!

Yeah Judd Bugs! Anytime he knocked over any amount of pins he was very excited

Lil Miss Madysen has quite the form don't ya think hehe

James threw his ball without the rail and as it took its time getting down the lane, he decided  to lay down and wait for the excitement. Honestly, he is so adorable!

Matt is so cute! That's all

The final scores!

Yeah pretty much the kids beat both Austin and Kiki! Haha

Seriously we had such a fantastic time. It was really nice to not have an agenda for the weekend and just hang out together and do things as a family! We are so lucky to have our best friends and our kids best friends be part of our family! Nothing better than cousins and fun!


Leah said...

Why do I look so awful in your pictures? so i really look that bad all the time? why didn't someone tell me?! seriously people.

Fun weekend... Fun memories!!

Amanda said...

Um you couldn't be cuter if you tried...what the heck are ya talking about? Crazy woman! It was super fun...thanks for sharing the weekend with us! Glad we can be a vacation spot for you guys too hehe!