January 5, 2010

Las Vegas Here We Come!!!!

We had a super fun opportunity to go to Las Vegas with a group of friends for New Years! We went with Joe and Crystal Nelson, David and Megan Bush, and Karen and Eric Nelson! The 8 of us had a super fun time and wore ourselves out every day! It all started on Wednesday the 30th...

We flew Million Aire on a private jet. All I can say is why would anyone fly commercial after this?

The flight was only about 35 minutes we played Hannah Montana Uno of course!

We were picked up right off the jet by two for us, one for bags! It was awesome!

We drove from the airport to the hotel room. We stayed at the brand new hotel called Aria. It was only open ten days before we arrived so everything was brand new! It was one of the very nicest hotels I have ever been to. I had to show you all the pics! So here they are...

It was an absolutely huge and gorgeous room. Everything being brand new was super helpful...but here is the very best part...

This baby controlled everything in the room by a touch screen. Lights, temperature, television, curtains and so much more! I just laid in bed and played with it for like an hour the first night haha!

After we put out stuff in our rooms, we headed to Cafe Bellagio for some dinner. Everything we ate on this trip was pretty much the yummiest you could possibly imagine!

After dinner it was time to sleep...gotta get those couple of hours!

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Leah said...

So glad you guys went and had such a great time. a trip full of wonderful memories :) now is the hard part... adjust back to real life and regular food. ha ha!!