January 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Judd Bugs!!!

Wednesday was Judd's birthday and we had family over for cake and presents! Judd having such a severe milk allergy is unable to actually have cake, so I made him a rice krispies peanut butter cake and decorated it with Skittles...where there's a will there's a way! This is supposed to look like a train (use your imagination)

Judd had us all rehearsing throughout the day for his happy birthday song! He gladly sang along with us all!

He had no idea how to blow out the candles but watching him was hysterical!

Time for presents! Aunt Kiki and Nonna and Papa gave him huge boxes of the love of his life, fruit snacks! He wanted to tear them all open immediately!

Spencer, James and Brynlee always have the best presents! Judd received an imaginext robot that shoots discs! Judd has played with it every day since! ;)

Grandma and Grandpa Dazee gave Judd a huge box of Legos! It was an instant hit with everyone there! Judd loves to make towers out of absolutely anything so this was the perfect gift for him!

Mom, Dad, Madysen and Coop gave him a shopping cart! He has always loved using the shopping cart at discovery gateway and anywhere they have these so it has been pushing around the imaginext robot all day everyday! He is so darling!

All good parties end with a nerf gun fight! Judd loves to freak you out by getting close enough that even a styrofoam dart will sting! He thinks its hilarious that people shirk and squeal everytime he does this! Naturally whenever we have anyone over he runs for his nerf gun!

Overall, we had a fun party! Judd was super happy to have everyone over and sing his birthday song! It was adorable because while he napped I decorated with balloons and banners etc and from the moment he woke up he kept saying, "Is it time for my birthday yet Mom?" It seemed that after dinner was an eternity away for him. Alas, he survived and had a super fun time! Thanks to everyone who came and brought him a gift! We love having you all so close and are so grateful to have you all be a part of such fun events as these!

Most of all, happy birthday to our darling boy! You bring us so much happiness with your sweet and fiesty personality! We never know what is going to happen next with you around! I hope that this year is a better year for you now that we have your allergies more under control! We love you very much Juddie!!!!! ;)


Leah said...

So Cute!! Glad he likes the robot. and I loved how he sang Happy Birthday along with everyone else. He's a keeper!!

alwaysadorable said...

Happy birthday Judd Bugs! He is seriously cute and lethal with that nerf gun. Too funny!