January 5, 2010

New Years Day... A Day of Pampering

After sleeping in a little we got up for breakfast and then the guys headed off to golf and the girls to the spa. We started our day with a european facial. I can't even explain how much I enjoyed this. It was a 50 minute treatment and was heaven from beginning to end. Then we went and sat in the hot tub for a while, followed by lunch. After lunch we had appointments to get pedicures. We all just sat and talked, relaxed and enjoyed every moment!

After we were done being pampered and the guys were back from golf, we headed out for a night on the town. We started at a fantastic tepanyaki restaurant called SHIBUYA. I have literally never eaten anything like this. Every peice of every item melted like butter in your mouth. It was a 5star restaurant and earned every star. This was our personal chef David. He was hilarious and made the entire experience even more fun.

After dinner we went over to the theater and waited for KA by cirque de soleil to start. I had always wanted to see a cirque de soleil and was super excited for this opportunity. We had 7th row center seats so we couldn't have asked for anything better. It was an interesting story line and hard to follow a little, but it was truly something I was excited to see. There was a stage that completely moved up, down, sideways and even completely vertical. It was truly amazing but this is the only picture I was allowed to take. Bummer!

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