April 3, 2011

The Completed Surprise

A word I thought was never going to be used when it came to the redo of Miss Madysen's room.
But alas, it is complete. And it turned out ADORABLE in every way.
- - - - -
I kept her out of the room for several days as I put the finishing touches on. I picked her up from school and she squealed in delight that TODAY was the day!
- - - - -
I entered her room from the bathroom enterance so I could snap this pic...
Ahhhh the look of pure delight and joy! Right there baby!
She literally deemed herself speechless!
She loved every peice, every surprise...
- - - - -
I made this qulit with all these amazing fabrics at Hobby Lobby.
Then went crazy making the bedskirt and pillows.
So fun though!
So when I first started this crazy adventure...I found this hideous desk for 5.99 at savers. Oh boy...did it need TONS of work. And I naturally put way more than the original 6 bucks into it. But...
Don't you think it turned out pretty fabulous?!?!
This was another find at the DI...
It needed a makeover to match this fun room
I jazzed it up with some of the fabric from the quilt with help from my lil sister Ash!
- - - - -
It was a work in progress and took way longer than it should have haha...but nonetheless turned out pretty stinkin cute in the end.
Her dresser had to be completely redone as well.
It had been painted in 5 different colors to match her previous wall color/stripes.
Again...TONS of work
But alas, turned out pretty stinkin cute right?!
I wanted a funky shabby chic type nightstand for her.
Something not just a box with drawers.
One day I found this "plant stand" on amazon and I knew with just the right finesse it could be exactly what I had in mind.
- - - - -
It came in stark white so I had to paint and glaze it but it turned out very fun and funky!
Just what we wanted!
And it gave me the chance to have three more shelves to decorate!
The "theme" for the room, besides screaming bright colors, is fashion and paris. I found these fun little feminine touches at all sorts of stores and just went to town on this room with spray paint. Nearly every thing in this room has been touched with spray paint honeslty.
I am so in LOVE with these funky frames you can get all of the place. Especially in pink!
This was Madysen's one request...this darling pink glitter covered dress!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE ribbon so I tied it all over the place in this room!
Lastly, I wanted something simple and fun for the window treatment. After all, I had already made 7 pillows, a bedskirt and a quilt amongst redoing EVERY peice of furniture in the room, so I found this SUPER fun and simple idea at a boutique. I think it was just enough and turned out super fun for this room!
I was truly terrified to paint the walls all white.
But this room DOES NOT lack color that's for sure!
- - - - -
Happy early birthday Miss Madysen!
I hope you know how much you are loved!


michelle said...

So, so, sooooooo cute! It even matches your blog! I love Hobby Lobby, you chose some of my favorite fabrics! Madysen's excitement for her new room is so great!

Missy said...

This is perfect! Madysen's face says it all! :)

Casey and Britt said...

Okay could that be any cuter? You are seriously AMAZING amanda! way 2 go! And the look on her face when she walked in... PRICELESS! Luv it, luv you guys!

Natalie Murray said...

I'm glad to finally see the finished product & I'm sure will hear all about it when I take her to school next time!!! SOOOO SOOO cute!! I only wish I had even the slightest bit of creativity that you do for your house!! I already know you'd LOVE to come spend a little time in my plain, boring home...especially that little nook in my family room! HAHA! Sooo cute! Good Job!

Walls said...

oh my goodness!!! amanda it turned out freakin awesome! man i'm gunna need everyones help when i actually decide to do something with my house haha

Amanda said...

Thanks to you all! She is loving it and I am loving that she has a renewed desire to keep a perfectly neat and clean room. OH if only it lasts. :)

Laura@Corner House said...

GOOD WORK. I love it!!!!