March 24, 2011

The Undertaking

 So, as mentioned, for Madysen's bday I have been
On redoing her bedroom.
- - - - -
Matt and I did this crazy paint job when we were building. The ceiling is purple, the trim is a faint pink, the top half of the walls are bubble gum, and the bottom half is...well 5 different colors. It is adorable but oh my goodness was it a taping nightmare. We did the chair guard also as complete amateurs. Thankfully I didn't take any closeups :)
When Madysen was two I made her this fun GIGGLE from a fun
show inspiration on Good Things Utah.
Everything was painted in all the fun colors of the walls!
Right down to the 5 bedroom doll house! :) This one is hard for me to part with. Madysen says she never plays with it...and that makes me sad. more Barbies at 9 years old. :(
The bench was always one of my favorite things...
well until I saw the bench I am about to unveil! :)
So...ya ready for a sneak peek.
Gotta say...I am a lil jealous of Madysen myself.
I want one for every room in the house they are so cute.
 It started out like this...
 Sanded and primed...and a whole lot of Matt and saws and drills and glues and...well ya know
 Many honey-do-list hours later...
***WA LA***
Super cute huh....but wait for it
The completed project, pillows and all!
 My good friend gave me the idea for this BEYOND ADORABLE petal pillow.
Wasn't nearly as hard as it looks either! Gotta love that!
Ok Ok
So I was gonna save it all till the finished product is ready to show...but I am just too excited

After all, I have been working day and night for weeks...I gotta atleast let my blog know I am doing
- - - - -
So I found this hidious chair.
But I saw its potential.
 I started ripping it I hate that part.
 I am such a germ freak I wore my pink polka dot gloves
 After priming...and waiting.

And waiting...

I randomly decided to go with blue rather than white. Call me crazy!
 Then we had to jazz it up with some of the fun fabric we are using in the room!

That and a chair with a hole in the middle isn't all that great.
Least not in my opinion
Stay tuned...maybe in another week we will actually have something done?
- - - - -
Ah...I best not hold my breath :)


michelle said...

Absolutely adorable! Love it all! YOur pillow turned out so great-btw I saw someone use the same idea on a smaller scale for a hair flower. The bench is to die for! I am with you on the Barbies-too sad! OH, and I love the blue chair too!

Nelson family said...

What a creative woman you are! Lookin' good!

Laura said...

I love that bench. You better believe that after I am done making the boys new beds (much later this year) I am going to turn Alam's old bed into a bench like that.

Missy said...

Wow! Looking good! I can't wait to see the final reveal!