April 13, 2011

Day Five

**Our Gourmet Diet**

**Our Marathon Runners**

**Our "Man's Best Friend"**
Oh My Word

It has been a LONG five days.
It has hit us each
One. At. A. Time
- - - - -
About every 18 hours someone comes to me with the pale skin and watery eyes saying,
"Mom, I am not really feeling very good."
- - - - -
Seconds later we are running to
"Man's Best Friend"
- - - - -
It has been awful. My poor washer and dryer are wishing they could go on strike.
We are currently singlehandedly keeping Powerade in business.
And Charmin as well.
- - - - -
Today I am starting to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh please little light,
- - - - -
The most fun is being the Mom of 3 puking kids.
- - - - -
As if I felt super myself, I was running from room to room, taking orders, switching movies, books, leapster games, taking requests for food, making bread and refilling gatorade.
Oh and did I mention
- - - - -
Not so very long ago, I remember thinking to myself, I wish I could just take a sick day, lay around in bed and watch movies and eat angel hair pasta with butter and salt.
- - - - -
What a stupid wish.
Never again.
- - - - -
Tomorrow will be better.

It HAS to be.
If I have to go another day eating pasta and rice and white bread I am going to puke again.
- - - - -
Hopefully we have served our time and get to go without this terrible plague for...

well how about a few more DECADES!

Atleast until every person can make it to the toilet.
- - - - -
That'll be my new wish!


Tammy said...

I'm so sorry...I have been so caught up in my own life that I haven't even checked on you...I'm glad you're doing better...Thinking of you!!

michelle said...

So that is where you were tonight! Hope ou feel better soon!