April 11, 2011

Farewell Ole Friend

Today was an exciting day.
- - - - -
 (Well other than the fact that I caught the stomach flu from Judd and have been, well let's say spending a LOT of time on the bathroom floor ugh)
- - - - -
Today we sold the only car my boys have ever known, and Madysen can remember.
 Not that it is sad to get a new car, don't get me wrong.
But I have a BILLION memories on this ole boy!
- - - - -
This month my ole 4Runner hit 215000 miles. That's right baby!
Gotta love a Toyota!
- - - - -
I am happy to say goodbye to several quirks though.
For instance, both the cup holder in front and back that used to hold 2 drinks, have each only held one for quite sometime. My Mom was a lil rough on my car, two different times haha!
The squealing of a cracked belt won't taunt me each time I turn over the ignition.
The seat won't nearly refuse to go back into a normal human size position when I drive AFTER Matt.
- - - - -
All of that
- - - - -
But...I have loved this car.
 Before it began to have so many joyous features, it was what I had always wanted.
I brought home both my boys from the hospital in this guy.
We took LOTS of fun family vacations in this guy too.
 It was fairly nice to me in gas mileage as well.
- - - - -
Ah Memories!
- - - - -
Now we get to make new memories in our new (to us) car I have decided to name
She is a black Honda Pilot and comes with features my old car never could have imagined back in 96 when it was born. She is very lovely and I am quite certain we will enjoy each others company. Atleast I sure hope so beings how as a mother I spend the 2nd half of
 in my vehicle.
Like we all don't right.
- - - - -
So happy birthday Stella!
 Boy our fam has been anticipating your arrival for QUITE a long time.


michelle said...

I wonder if I saw it leaving! I was behind a car that I thought was you coming out of our neighborhood this afternoon but when I passed it I thought "well that is definitely not Amanda!"
My mom has a pilot and she loves it! Hope you feel better soon!

Crystal Nelson said...

Congratulations! Aren't new cars exciting? Though I sure hate car shopping. I think it is a pain in the butt. But we are happy for you!