June 15, 2010

Miss Madysen :)

Twenty Reasons I Love My Madysen

  1. She is a very obedient child

  2. Her nostrils flare and wave when you get her laughing really hard

  3. She has that motherly instinct, especially around small children

  4. She loves to read and is reading on a 6th grade level at the end of 2nd grade

  5. She is the first to help me whenever I need it

  6. She is a great singer and performer

  7. She hates fruits, veggies and meats but is getting better at tolerating dinner

  8. She is my only daughter and first born....awwwh

  9. She loves to wear dresses and skirts and accessories!

  10. Every parent teacher conference I have been to the teacher tells me they wish all 30 kids were like her and she is by far the most helpful. My heart melts

  11. She knows I love beds made early, so she rolls out of bed and gets as far as she can before nearly peeing her pants just to please me.

  12. She has more shoes than me because I am addicted to buying her clothes that make her EVEN cuter! She gets that sometimes, beauty isn't the most comfy

  13. Her favorite food is Top Ramen (I know right?)

  14. She has PERFECT hair. Thick and full of volume!

  15. She has a testimony and is diligent in reading her scriptures

  16. When playing soccer she asks who her team is versing rather than who they are playing

  17. She tries harder than anyone to please her parents with everything she does

  18. She is self confident and not shy

  19. She is very sentimental and would save EVERYTHING if I would let her

  20. She makes me cards almost weekly to remind me that she loves me!
I love you Miss Madysen! You are such a joy to me!



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michelle said...

So sweet! She always looks so cute. Are you feeling better?