June 4, 2010

Like a good neighbor...

My lil boys have found a new friend and interest this spring. The minute our backdoor neighboor Kurt steps foot outside, both my boys run out to see what he is up to!
He is so sweet to always be patient and let them "help" with all his yard projects.
Today it was the tiller! Kurt loves to till his yard. It is downright hilarious to watch a person love to till so much, but nontheless, he does.
So today, Kurt taught the boys how to till.
I popped my head out the door to see what the 3 of them were up to and before I knew it I was running for my camera! He is tilling with Coop on one handle, and holding Judd's hand so Judd isn't run over by the tiller. Judd is using his free hand to shield his ears from the noise haha!
Having wonderful neighbors is something I thank my Father in Heaven for every day.
The people who surround me are salt of the earth.
Us moving into this place was a very spiritual experience and we moved here in blind faith hoping for the best.
It is moments like these, and SO many others that remind me that we are here to be around all the wonderful people in this neighborhood.
I am guessing that over the course of the next several years, we will be seeing a lot of lessons coming out of our awesome backdoor neighbor. I am so grateful he is loving, kind and patient with my boys!
We just love ya Kurt!

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michelle said...

I don't think I realized you were backyard neighbors! Lunch was so fun, I am so excited to hang out with neighbors at Cherry Hill, which we did today believe it or not. Had a blast!