December 7, 2009

Our Special Visitor

Christmas is easily my favorite time of year. This Christmas we have had a very special visitor from the North Pole. Her name is Hollie Berry and she is an elf sent to our house by Santa to watch and see if we are all being good and on the nice list. She arrived on December 1st in a special box from Santa. She came with a letter explaining that she would be here until Christmas Eve and if her report was good then Santa would leave presents. It also warned that she has been known to get into mischeif from time to time so beware! She came with a "Santa's Eyes Only" folder to write her report, a passport and special paper for us to report her mischeif back to Santa. Every morning the kids rush down the stairs to see what Hollie has been up to during the night. So far, she has been caught watching movies, eating out of the pantry, toilet papering our bathroom, trying on jewelry and taking all the cushions of our couch making a fort. We have had lots of fun with Hollie and she has brought a whole new excitement and magic to our house.


Summer said...

Cute idea! Hey, welcome to the blogging world, glad you're here. It'll be fun to keep up, since we're 2 miles from each other and never get together! :)

Ashlee said...

"and she got in the fridge and ate all the chocowate chwips!" -Judd M. Tullis