December 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have to say that when it comes to a few of my favorite things, one of them has to be the funny things my kids say to me!

Juddie: "Mom this toy is so Er-dik-a-liss" (ridiculous)
"Can we go to out to lunch place?" (Wendy's)
And a few weeks ago ... "Happy Thanks-for-giving!!"
I think he makes me laugh everyday with something new! I love this age where they are really learning to talk.

Coop does so many funny things I dunno where to start. He has been really in the Christmas spirit lately and making up his own songs. The favorite of the week is "Frosting the Red Nosed Snowman". Every day a new verse is added. He doesn't just sing it either, he belts it out for the neighbors to hear. Gotta love a boy with Christmas spirit!

Madysen has had so much fun this season with her performances! She has become such a wonderful performer and has no stage fright whatsoever! She is such a good child and always helpful and considerate. She comes home from school and checks the presents nearly every day to see how many she can find with her name on them.
We are having a very magical season and trying to squeeze every moment of fun in that we can! Hope you all are as well! Merry Christmas!

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