September 8, 2010

Suprise Party

This week my darling mother turns the big 5-0
Naturally we threw her a huge party to celebrate a year she hoped would just pass quietly
Not likely with us for daughters!
- - - - -
We planned it for weeks, invited lots of her friends, neighbors and family
Against all odds, she was genuinely SURPRISED
- - - - -
Trying to keep a secret like this from our MOM was no easy task.

We yelled SURPRISE, she turned bright red,
then she hugged us all haha
She is in the YW presidency
I had her Pres tell her they were having a quick meeting
She was STUNNED how many people were in on this
We were so thrilled with how many people came
My Aunt and Uncle serving a mission even took a weekend to come celebrate!
One of the evening highlights was my Dad
- - - - -
He has found joy in singing love songs to all us girls
This night was no exception
- - - - -
He sang "Remember When" to my mother in front of all their friends and neigbors
Pretty brave right
It was very sweet and I bawled like a baby through the whole thing
- - - - -
Not shocking right?
I am such a pansie
Here is the cake table
There were four cakes that read
"50 Years"
"Oldie but Goodie"
"We love you Mom"
"Happy 50th Cindee"
Here I am...
The CRAZY party planner
SOOO glad to have the party here and be done planning it haha
Here are a few snaps of our wonderful guests...
You really can't have an over the hill party
without DEPENDS!!!
- - - - -
Needless to say, this was not MOM's favorite decor
Here is the cute bday girlie!
Time to blow out candles on 4 different cakes
In our family we have a very WEIRD tradition.
- - - - -
I can't even remember when it started but many years ago, my Grandpa started sticking his finger all the way down into whomever's bday cake we had.
- - - - -
It honestly kind of disgusts me, but clearly you can't mess with tradition right
- - - - -
I usually just take a peice from the "OTHER" side
Here is my Mom with one of her great buddies, Nelea
Here is my Possie!!
- - - - -
Seriously, I can't even say how glad I am for all these sisters and my amazing mom!
Hope you had an awesome party Mom!
- - - - -
Please forgive the old age jokes and depends
- - - - -
Most of all, don't pay us back by making us use them on ya someday :)


Christee and Austin said...

The party was a lot of work but a total hit!

Amanda said...

hey that was so cute the pic of all of us at the end. Man Dad and I do good work - you are all so beautiful!! the party was a blast!! Thanks again, Mom

Nelson family said...

Glad you were able to pull it off!