November 3, 2011

{ Are You Serious? }

I know. Many of my loyal fans (haha ya know all 4 of you who still read my blog) are going to grumble that I have already decorated my blog for Christmas. Especially since I haven't even talked about Cooper's birthday, Halloween or any of the festivities surrounding them. I just put my Halloween away last night about midnight and I am just moving forward at this point :)
- - - - -
What can I say...being a college student/full-time domestic engineer/Mormon housewife and all the other roles I play has been a little nuts. Honestly, I didn't really think going back to school would be as stressful or time consuming as it is. Guess I'll blame that on my own delirousness hehe!
- - - - -
I am almost done with 2 of my classes and in another week or so hope to be done with the last. That way I have a chance at enjoying my favorite favorite favorite time of year! So sorry my wonderful readers hehe ;) but I will just have to make a clean start again in a few days.
- - - - -
In the meantime, to sum up, Coop had a birthday. He turned seven. We mini golfed at Scary Hill, he got a new bike, a Chicago Cubs scoreboard clock, a football, shin guards and a cake. Ya know..typical stuff hehe!

Halloween was a blast! The kids looked awesome and had a wonderful time. Today they are being given full access to their trick or treat bags just so it stops watching me all day long while they are at school. Ugh. Dieting is the worst in a house FULL of chocolate. It needs to go.
- - - - -
So, sorry I am a blog loser these days. I will find my balance. It will be my New Year's resolution hehe!
Thankfully that means I have almost 2 months to really start ;)

xoxoxo Amanda


Michelle said...

OH, I think it is great you are ready for the best time of year! Wish I was!

Crystal Nelson said...

Good for you! keep plugging along! You'll be there before you know it! Just because the stores are ready for Christmas doesn't meant you have to be ready right after Halloween. ;-) Love ya and miss ya!