June 16, 2011

Alive in June

Do you ever feel like an entire month has flown by and you haven't even had a moment to take the pictures off your SD card?
- - - - -
That has been me this month. 
Life is GOOD but as always life is CRAZY
- - - - -
Here is a SUPER brief recap of a few highlights
- - - - -
Miss Madysen did a wax museum at school. She studied and dressed as SACAJAWEA. They held up their hands and when you "pushed the button" by pushing their hands, they gave you a brief description about their character's life.
 It was super darling and Madysen did so great!
They stayed busy for hours being "wax" for the other students!
Then we moved on to end of school festivities. Sadly the weather didn't cooperate with the end of school festivities like Field Day water games in 50 degree weather.
- - - - -
So we stayed home and worked on our teacher gifts.
I have to say Coop's turned out super cute!

I'll just let the pics to the talking...
This is Mrs. Peterson. She was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL in every way. She is patient and kind and yet taught my son oh so very much. She was just truly amazing and I am so grateful she was Cooper's first teacher.
Cooper was so thrilled to give her a "handmade" gift. It turned out so cute in the end!
As all good teachers do, she proclaimed her undying love of her special gift.
 Cooper beamed!!! :)
Then my little boy had his first graduation.
Say goodbye to KINDERGARTEN.
He even had a speaking part which he rehearsed for two weeks straight to make sure he was perfect.
Of course, as they called his name and handed him his diploma I completely teared up and just kept snapping pics to shield  my eyes. I am such a baby when it comes to MY babies growing up. 
Here he is...
My BIG First Grader now!
- - - - -
He proudly professed his new "First grader-ness" all the day long!
These are his good buddies, Crew and Abbie. These three play for hours together without even a single quarrel. A mother's dream really!
Next on the agenda has been playing baseball every second there has been a glimpse of sunshine.
- - - - - 
Judd begs Matt the second he walks in the door to come "play pass"
This means setting up a mock field of bases and NOT taging him out after he hits his 
Then there is Coop's Baseball
This year he is a Royal
He is hilarious to watch. This is his third year and he is doing much better.
I just wonder when he will actually understand what playing a position means. :)
Here he is playing stand off with the catcher.
As long as he isn't touched by the ball he assumes he isn't out.
So naturally he slides to make the point he IS NOT out
And continues to ensure my
by leaving this
Thus far, for summer fun, we have gone to Cherry Hill three times.
- - - - -
We have about 3 extra kids here at all times and the kids are loving it
- - - - -
We have gone to the library twice because Coop and Madysen are PLOWING through their books. 
Gotta say that makes me intensely happy as a Mom!
- - - - -
Hope your summer is going super fun! I will try hard to be better about keeping up!

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Missy said...

Yeah, an update. You put me to shame..;) My blog probably won't see the light of day until we get back from the wedding.

Those kiddos of yours are absolutely adorable! I can never get enough. Cooper's gift is fabulous! Such a smart mama. ;)