May 10, 2011

My Favorite Signs of Spring

One of my favorite times of year is spring.
- - - - -
Of course I am not a huge fan of rain, but I love to see the earth come alive again.
 I love that this year I awoke to tulips going crazy each morning.
I love that we have atleast one warm day a week to truly learn to appreciate the joy of sunshine.
- - - - -
But my all time favorite sign of spring has to be this...
Two days of sunshine under our belts and
already these little freckles are popping up on both my boys:)
My children make me happy.
I hope they know that because I am very guilty of not saying it enough.
I love that although kindergarden is a miserable schedule on days I am trying to run errands, I still have my boys home for the better part of my days.
- - - - -
Somedays they make me crazy, but for the most part, they just make me laugh.
- - - - -
Course, like their dad, they think they are SUPER funny.

Although Miss Madysen doesn't really get the freckles, she got her hair cut today.
 I for one think she looks like a rockstar with this new hair cut.
 For her age, she has super AMAZING hair.
I wish mine would ever look this good to be honest!
See what I mean about thinking they're funny. :)
Cooper thinks his purpose in life is to be an overly humorous person ALL THE TIME.
His teacher has let me know that although he is very entertaining, he needs to learn not to be funny quite so often.
- - - - -
 Like I haven't tried to explain that one right?!
Goofy. Weird. Adorably freckled.

What can I say other than,

they each have my heart!

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Tammy said...

Such, cutie pies! I'm also looking forward to nicer weather and spending some time outside!!