January 15, 2011

The Par-Tay

Judd's birthday parties were super fun...and yes he had two!
- - - - -
On his acutal birthday we had a family celebration!
- - - - -
We made homemade pizza (no cheese of course) and a new recipe for a cake I found that he could eat!
He so loves being sung the Happy Birthday song!
- - - - -
I sang it to him more than a dozen times throughout the day!
Oh baby is FOUR!!
Mr. Judd hasn't had an actual cake since his first birthday when we didn't know of his allergy yet.

Not that I haven't tried...but finally this year I found a vegan cake for him.

Poor kid...trying to find a cake with no egg or milk products wasn't easy!
- - - - -
But alas...thanks to the lovely internet...we had success!
But I dunno...
- - - - -
Do ya think he enjoyed it haha?!?
The next night we had friends and family over for cake and presents!
- - - - -
Big Brother Coop always has to be super close on the action...ya know just to "help" Judd out if needed ;)

One of his favorites was this toy... even if he didn't understand what it was right away!
- - - - -
It throws the ball for a dog so he can play fetch without actually touching any dogs!
Our friends were so generous and gave him a whistle and gum...which he loves!
- - - - -
And as long as he plays in the basement...I don't mind either haha :0)
He got all sorts of fun things...but as always...loved his cologne.
- - - - -
Some kid I have 4 already thinks he needs to smell good for the ladies!

What am I getting into here?!?!
He had fun, as did we!

Happy birthday buddy!

We ALL love you!

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