January 4, 2011

**Farewell 2010**

Ok ok...

So I clearly know we are now 4 days into January...but we never really bid 2010 a proper goodbye!

 It was a great year and I wanted to reflect a bit on our families top ten highlights
(good and not as good)

1. ALL THREE kids were in school this year. Miss Madysen in 3rd, Coop in kindergarten and Judd in preschool. This has been weird for me and yet wonderful! All 3 of them are super smart and it is so ABSOLUTELY fun to watch learning happen. I remember being young and not realizing that certain activities or tv shows were educational, then later realizing how much they had taught me, and it is great to see my kids playing games and seeing them learn even without their knowledge its happening!

2. Judd and I both experienced our first surgeries. NOT fun for either. Mine was kidney stones, his tonsils and adenoids, and I think we both agree 2010 would have forged ahead happily without them, but both were needed and both turned out just fine! We thank our Heavenly Father for good doctors and good nurses who cared for us both! And of course, loving family and friends always willing to step up when know who you are :)

3. All of my sisters are now officially married. This was a HUGE accomplishment! More for my parents obviously, but helping with 2 back to back weddings was a huge chunk of our spring! We love having men, well cmon, boys, in our all girl family now. Brothers definately add a totally different dynamic! Love em all!

4. Miss Madysen decided that she wanted to be baptised after turning 8! This decision made us very proud and happy for her. She has a powerful testimony for an 8 year old and is a sponge for doctrine and knowledge! She is a great example to her family and most especially her younger brothers who look up at her in every way!

5. Cooper became a human bullet on the soccer field. Year one...mostly us yelling at him to pay attention. This year...he OWNED that field. It was absolutely joyful to watch him develop his talent. He understood what he was doing and is seriously a full 3 strides faster than all the other kids his age...just like his Daddy! :)

6. We phased into a whole new world in 2010...after nearly 8 years of diapers...we left that phase in the dust! Judd's learning to potty in the toilet seems like an eternity ago...but oh the joys of not dealing with that are so monumental! I almost forgot until yesterday when I was tending and changed a diaper how NOT SAD I am that we are SO over that one! So it had to make the list haha :)

7. We took my mother, grandparents and Madysen and Cooper to Disneyland this year! I have honestly never had so much fun in my life! It is a memory I will forever cherish and love for OH SO many reasons! You never know how long people will be around, and having my grandparents go with us made everything so much more fun! My kids will hopefully always remember that trip too. Disneyland is so very magical to me. I wouldn't even mind going without kids, although truly they make it so wonderful! Hopefully someday soon we can take our little Juddie! Just gotta figure out what he would eat...

8. Matt's store was hit pretty hard in 09 with the recession. Thankfully 2010 proved to be much better for him and continues to go in the right direction. What a blessing that is and we couldn't be more thankful for a good job with the benefits our family needs. I think of all the others, this blessing is of utmost importance. I hope I never take his job for granted as I have watched SO many people go through loss and hardship.

9. Lame as it may sound, a highlight for this year was buying an SLR camera. I know it is bulky and not as easy to carry around, but in the end, my kids change so fast and so much I wanna capture it as best I can. Taking pics with an SLR has changed my world. And I don't even have a clue how to REALLY use it. I just shoot on auto...and yet it has changed everything!

10. Lastly, this year marks TEN YEARS of being with my wonderful husband! We started dating in April of 2000 and were married in August of 2000 so it has officially been ten years since we MET, fell in love and were MARRIED! I couldn't love him anymore than I do and although it hasn't always been smooth sailing every minute of everyday, I wouldn't trade a moment of what we have been through. We have both changed SOO MUCH in ten years, but hopefully all for the better! Love you babe!

So that's us in 2010!

 There were huge ups and crazy downs but we made it! It flew by really.

 Doesn't that make me sound super old...talking about how fast time goes by. Guess old people really DO know what they are talking about!

Hope everyone had a great 2010 and that whatever is in store for 2011 is AMAZING!!

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